10 Healthy Sehri Recipes to Boost Your Energy This Ramadan

Is Ramadan all about spiritual cleansing? Of course not. We wait for a whole year to relish the festivity, food, new clothes, and Iftar parties, and the list has no end! As the fasting and eating windows are defined for Ramadan, nutritionists suggest having rich, satiating gastronomical delights during Iftar. However, Sehri is more of an early morning prep to keep healthy fasting throughout the day.

Top Sehri Recipes to Keep Your Energy Levels High During Ramadan Fasting

Sehri, the pre-fast snacks should be more of a healthy dish that can replenish nutrients and energy. Food rich in fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals keeps you on a health spree before fasting. Here are a few sehri recipes that can keep you satiated and energetic throughout the day.

1. Fresh Fruit & Nuts Salad

Fresh fruits and nuts are one of the most refreshing meals you can prepare for sehri. Along with essential dietary fibre, you get various vitamins and minerals that cater to several aspects of health. You end up feeling hydrated with good energy levels to start your fast. The concoction of nuts in the platter adds a fair bit of crunch to your meal. 

2. Oats & Yogurt Porridge

While you need a solid meal to stimulate your energy levels during the sehri time, you can always go for a bowl of oats and yogurt porridge. It not only improves metabolism but also adds to bone health. The super healthy combination of oats and yogurt is famous for regulating cholesterol levels, ultimately binging down cardiovascular risks.

3. Oats Kheer

Asians have a fetish for puddings. Be it festivities or a party, the celebrations are never complete without a pudding dessert. However, oats kheer is a healthy version of the pudding and is a perfect sehri meal that keeps you lighter yet fuller for the day. The addition of dry fruits, nuts, cardamom powder, and sugar makes it taste heavenly.

4. Badam Ka Sharbat

A refreshing drink is quite a necessity to beat the scorching heat. So, why not start the day with Badam ka Sharbat. The goodness of almonds with a tinge of the saffron strand is a perfect sehri drink. You can have a fresh-fruit salad platter and this refreshing drink to feel full for the day.

5. Creamy Blueberry Smoothie

If you are craving something creamy, a bowl of the blueberry smoothie can never go wrong for you. Refrigerate your smoothie bowl for a good 30 minutes and enjoy your refreshing meal for the day. You can add some coarsely crushed walnuts and pistachios to make it way crunchier and yummier. Add a tablespoon of maple syrup or jaggery powder to satiate your sweet tooth.

6. Over-Ripped Banana Pancakes

Who does not love the fluffy pancakes for breakfast? But the best part is you can have the healthy version of it for sehri. While one can choose any grain to prepare the delicacy, oats are the best option that you can ever come across. The fibre-rich oats fuel the energy levels, and bananas replenish the essential vitamins and minerals in your body. Add some green raisins and cashews to your pancake batter for an exquisite taste.

7. Seeds Overloaded Carrots Muffins

Carrot muffins are amongst a few healthy sehri recipes. While you set the batter for the cake, you can make it healthier and more delicious by adding dried blueberries and cranberries. These muffins are known for their exclusive health benefits.

8. Pistachio Cranberry Cookies

If you are someone who encounters a severe sweet craving during the sehri, you can have the pistachio cranberry cookies. The nutrient-rich cookies can be super healthy and satiating for the day. You can load these cookies with your favourite dry fruits and nuts to make it irresistible

9. Super Healthy Trail Mix

Trail mix is a win-win deal for sehri. You can prepare your trail mix with the choicest dried fruits, cereals, nuts, and seeds. Without much preparation, you get your dose of goodness to take on the day.

10. Peanut Butter Granola Bars

These chewy bars are super healthy and filling meals. And if at all it feels so mainstream, you can add your favourite dry fruits and nuts to your granola bar to let the flavours go for a toss.

The Bottom Line

As you prepare for your fasting, she must be healthy and gut-friendly meals. However, you can punch mesmerising taste with the health by preparing the above easy sehri recipes. Start your day with delicious and satiating meals for sehri and make your Ramadan rewarding than ever.

As you do your sehri, do not forget to bear gratefulness for every ounce of your life full of beans and delicacies full of health!


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