7 Sesame Seed Recipes that can make you fall for them forever! 

Sesamum Indicum (Sesame plant) grows well in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world. The seeds are edible and are one of the best kitchen ingredients. These seeds are a promising source of dietary fibre, protein, and essential fatty acids. The oil extracted from these seeds is often preferred as cooking oils in many households because the health benefits of sesame seeds are many. Besides being one of the most incredible sources of nutrients, it is a great kitchen ingredient that adds a crunchy texture to dishes.

                                             7 best sesame seeds recipes 

Now that you know about the great nutritional profile of sesame seeds, we have got you a few lip-smacking sesame seeds recipes! So, if you haven’t fallen for these seeds, brace yourself and run through the pointers below.

1 . Sesame seed energy bars:

You can use these nutritious seeds in your granola bar or energy bars. These bars can be super-healthy and amazingly delicious for health enthusiasts. 

2.  Chia pudding: 

You always go for chia pudding while summers can get on your nerves. However, the texture of chia seeds is not that delectable, and you can club your chia seeds with some sesame seeds. The crunchy taste in each bite is extremely rewarding and delicious. 

3. Salads: 

Sesame seeds can go extremely well with spinach, vegetable, and fruit salads. Salads might sound boring but sprinkle some crunchy sesame seeds on them and see how it enhances the flavour. You get your dose of essential nutrients and a crunchy taste. 

4. Smoothie bowls: 

Smoothie bowls are great to taste and can be a fulfilling snack if you sprinkle some seeds, dry fruits & nuts on them. Sesame seeds, cashews, and green raisins are some of the best toppings on smoothie bowls.   

5. Sesame & banana bread: 

Sesame seeds have always been delectable on buns and bread. You can make them healthier by choosing the right flour-like oatmeal or almond flour. While kneading the door, you can sprinkle sesame seeds and set them to bake. You can also add dry fruits, nuts, and other sources.   

6. Til ke ladoo: 

This delicious Indian dessert recipe is one of the most renowned dishes in Indian cuisine. It is one of the healthiest alternatives for people who often encounter unavoidable sweet cravings! You can use jaggery, dry fruits, and nuts to make small balls of sesame seeds and let them sit still for a while. 

7. Sesame chicken: 

The nutty crunch and sweet taste of the dish makes it one of the most loved delicacy of the Indian cuisine. Besides being extremely delicious, it is a healthy dish in Indian cuisine. 

The Bottom Line: 

The nutritious sesame seeds offer a plethora of health benefits. These seeds are a promising source of healthy fats, dietary fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential plant compounds. The seeds are highly anti-oxidating and anti-ageing, benefitting the health in several ways. These seeds also cure neurodegenerative diseases. But as a rule, goes for every other eatable in the world; one needs to be careful about the potions to relish the utmost benefits! 


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