A Blend of Health and Happiness for This Ganesh Chaturthi!

Grand festivities like Ganesh Chaturthi are more of an opportunity to gulp on delicious delicacies. But if you have landed on a health spree, you must choose between the guilt of gulping on sweet dishes or the FOMO feeling of not even trying them once. So, this Ganesh Chaturthi, we have come up with ways to enjoy the festivity with health uncompromised and absolutely no guilt. 

Want to know a few healthy delicacies that can make super tasty Prashadam this Ganesh Chaturthi? Then catch up on the blog further!

Delicious Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes 

Since we Indians have an undeniable corner for food, we have got you a few delicacies that you can enjoy this Ganesh Chaturthi guilt freely, with no compromises made on the health front. So, check out the recipes below and start prepping for a healthy celebration of the most awaited festival! 

1.  Dry fruits ladoo 

It is a delicious recipe and is equally nutritious. Apart from maintaining healthy energy levels, these are the easy-to-make snack for festivities. Ghee-roast nuts and seeds of your choice, make a thick date paste and cook it with a dash of ghee and cardamom. Add your ghee-roasted nuts & seeds and mix some desiccated coconut. Let them dry and shape them into little balls. 

2.  Dry fruits Modak 

Modak is the authentic Ganesh Chaturthi recipe. Coarse-grind the ghee-roasted cashews and almonds. Add some dates, desiccated coconut, and a dash of ghee along with the coarse ground cashews and almonds and blend it again. Us the thick mixture and give it the shape. 

3.  Kheer 

Dry fruit-loaded rice pudding is the authentic dish of the Indian festivities. You can top the dry fruits with chopped nuts, dry fruits, and great raisins. Every bite of the fantastic delicacy is no less than bliss. So, enjoy your super-healthy and delicious kheer this Ganesh Chaturthi. 

4.  Shrikhand: 

You can make your Shrikhand a healthy cheat meal by adding your choice of dry fruits, nuts, and seeds. So, top your shrikhand with your favorite nuts and dry fruits, and you are good to go. 

5.  Gujiya 

Gujiya is a household thing. However, you can play ell with the filling of your Gujiya. You can add a delicious mixture of ghee-roasted nuts, date paste, desiccated coconuts, and raisins. The mouth-watering delicacy does not fall short of essential nutrients as well.    

Final Words: 

Dry fruits, nuts and seeds are delicious and healthy snacking options. Ensure that you bring exceptional quality nuts and dry fruits to make the most out of the delicious taste. Moreover, these ready-to-snack products serve as unusual dessert ingredients.  

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