Club Your Weight Loss Journey with Chia Seeds in These Incredible Ways

chia seed

What is the urge about being some pounds down? Where did all these madness start from? Well, research suggest that 2.8 million people die because of obesity, directly or indirectly. Moreover, 1.9 million people are dealing with obesity. So, that’s how obesity deserves to be the talk of the town. Several research have shown various diets to bring a substantial change in the weight loss process, but chia seeds were common in all those weight loss diets.  

Chia seeds are known to superfoods because of the high nutritional value. These seeds control appetite and help in weight loss. Besides keeping the stomach full for a long time, these seeds also fulfill the nutritional requirement in the body. It is an excellent addition to a healthy diet because it acts as an amazing immune and metabolism booster in the body.  

What are the benefits of chia seeds? 

Chia seeds are small but incredibly healthy seeds rich in essential nutrients. Are you still wondering what are the benefits of chia seeds? It is one of the most dominant diet foods across the globe. The reason being its rich nutritional profile and its effects on the body.  

It cleanses the digestive system, boost metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels and protects the body from several potential risks. The best part about these seeds is they are easiest to incorporate in the daily meals. Now that you have landed up here and known the incredible health benefits of chia seeds, let us find out how to use chia seeds for weight loss.  

How to use chia seeds for weight loss? 

Are you wondering how to use chia seeds for weight loss? Well, there are various delicacies with chia seeds being the prime ingredient. If you are on a health spree, there is nothing more rewarding than binging on satiating meals with chia seeds. Let us run through a few ways you can use chia seeds in your weight loss journey. 

  • Chia-lemonade: 

Here is an amazing summer drink but you do not necessarily wait for the summers to arrive to enjoy this. It is the best coolant with all the good nutritional values intact. Above all, it is a refreshing energy drink which serves as a great starter in the mornings.  

  • Chia pudding: 

Chia pudding is a perfect mid meal thing that you can ever come across. It is one of the best options you can go for in the summer afternoons where you feel the need to rejuvenate your body and get a refreshing feel altogether.  

  • Fruit Salad with chia seed topping 

If you are a helpless fruit salad lover, then you can add much taste and health to your salad by topping them with chia seeds. Besides making every bite crunchy, these miraculous kernels also enhance the benefits of your meal by sourcing essential vitamins, minerals and fibre to the body which ultimately contributes to the weightloss process.  

  • Strawberry and chia smoothie 

There are days when we do not wake up feeling good. A delicious breakfast is the need of the moment in days like such. You can prepare strawberry chia smoothies to get yourself on the tract. This chia recipe can never go wrong.  

  • Oats Porridge 

Oats porridge is an ideal meal for the daily breakfast. However, you can add chia seeds to improve its texture and get a promising source of essential nutrients in your breakfast. 

  • Pumpkin Chia Mousse: 

The deliciously healthy meal can be one of your cheat meals where you basically do not cheat at all! The overloaded chia crunch along with the smooth pineapple mousse base is a mouthwatering combination. It is a great mood uplifter and you do not miss out on the essential nutrients for your body.  

Final Words 

Sprinkle a tablespoon of these magical kernels to never miss out on the fair share of nutrients that your body deserves. Besides, the exceptional nutritional profile, these seeds have got an amazing crunchy texture that adds to the deliciousness of the recipe. Above all, these seeds are easy to incorporate and great for the weight loss.  

We barely knew these mighty kernels could be so benefitting! Bring you “Chia seeds” and how to use them in your weight loss journey.

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