Go Nuts & Lose Weight- Dry Fruits & Nuts To Lose Weight

There is no doubt about how compelling the world can be for you to binge on delicious junk food. However, taking up healthy food habits can prove to be equally challenging. And if you are looking for more facts, obesity is one of the leading health problems in the world.  

And when people finally decide to take weight management seriously, weight loss seems next to impossible. Most people tend to starve themselves to lose weight. However, few people know they can shed extra kilos by binging on a few dry fruits and nuts.  

Best Dry fruits & Nuts for weight loss 

A weight-loss diet comprises clean and nutritional food. Dry fruits are essential to a weight-loss diet due to their unmatchable nutritional value. Some dry fruits have proven to be extremely beneficial in weight loss. If you have set your weight loss goal, why not do it the delicious way. Revealing a few dry fruits & nuts that can work wonders in your weight loss journey.  

  1. Almonds: 

Almonds are low in calories and great for overall health management. It is a superfood that replenishes our body with essential vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, protein, and essential fatty acids.  

Above all, almond is known to eliminate bad cholesterol from the body. They also have anti-oxidating properties that heal the body from within. You can relish the utmost from its incredible health benefits when consuming them early in the morning after being soaked overnight. 

2. Pistachios: 

People who have irresistible cravings can have the utmost benefits out of pistachios. These nuts have unmatchable dietary fibre content that keeps the body fuller for an extended period and satiates cravings.  

Dietary fibre-rich nuts also help in healthy bowel movements. In addition, they take care of the digestive and gut health of the body. If you have been facing the issue of constipation for a long, pistachios can be quite beneficial for you.  

3. Cashews: 

These delicious little nuts are popularly used as snacking options and in preparing the base of Indian curries. In addition, they are a promising source of Magnesium for the body. Magnesium helps in burning body fat and regulating the carbs metabolism in the body.  

4. Walnuts: 

Walnuts are unique dry fruits containing a high amount of essential fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid. The high level of healthy fatty acids helps eliminate bad fat from the body.  

In addition, because of their anti-oxidating properties, walnuts are heart-healthy dry fruits that protect the body from cardiovascular complications.   

5. Raisins: 

These are great add-ones to low salt diet. You can have a good dosage of essential nutrients to replenish your body with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acid, and dietary fibre. It helps in healthy weight loss and helps to achieve a smooth and supple skin  

Final Words: 

These are the few dry fruits and nuts options you have when aiming to lose weight. Weight loss is a result of continued efforts and dedication. Keep loving yourself and consciously consuming food with a high nutritional profile to see miraculous results.  

While weight loss is more about a mindset, you can also indulge in devouring stuff like a supreme quality dry fruit or nut to keep your soul alive.  

Health management is way beyond weight loss & binging on dry fruits is way beyond its calorific value!



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