Know These Heart-Healthy Nuts & What They Can Do for Your Health!

Retrospectively, it appears that the sharp increase in the mortality rate is because of cardiac diseases. Heart-related diseases are one of the most common health issues across the globe. According to research, there is a 95% chance of finding a cardiac patient in every household. However, all sorts of cardiovascular diseases result from continued lifestyle hazards. That’s where a handful of nuts comes into play! 

Because hey, your innocent heart has got to be healthy too!  

Lately, we have come across the hype about incorporating nuts, seeds, and dry fruits into our diet. But little did we know that the touts about nutrients in nuts and seeds were here since ancient times. They have proven to be super-healthy for the human body time and again. However, a healthy cardiovascular system is one of the essential benefits of including dry fruits, seeds, and nuts in the diet. 

Best Heart-Healthy Nuts and Seeds, The Life Savers! 

Almost 1 out of every 3 deaths worldwide is because of cardiac disorder. Since cardiac disorder is emerging as the primary cause of death, heart-healthy nuts are nothing short of lifesavers today. Nuts are great snacking options as they are ready to snack with good taste and rich nutritional value. Let us run through a few best heart healthy nuts and seeds that can make a substantial difference in the lifestyle and prevent cardiovascular diseases! 

1.  Walnuts 

Walnuts are great for mid-meal snacking. These nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Good fats maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, promoting a healthy cardiovascular system. Walnuts lower the risks of heart disease and stroke incredibly. 

2. Pistachios 

Pistachios support a healthy heart and blood vessels. These nuts lower the levels of bad fats in the body, reducing the measurable cellular damage. In addition, pistachios are rich in anti-oxidating agents, which contribute to eliminating free radicals and other active compounds that harm heart health. 

3. Almonds 

As per the previous research, almonds reduce the LDL level in the body reasonably. In addition, the unsaturated fat in almonds protects the body from cardiac risks and maintains healthy blood pressure levels. Above all, almonds are rich in various bioactive compounds which benefit heart health. 

4. Dried Blueberries 

Dried blueberries are rich in antioxidants that help maintain a healthy lipid profile. In addition, flavonoids in these dry fruits make them one of the most heart-healthy dry fruit choices for daily snacking. 

5. Cashews 

Cashews are incredibly healthy nuts to incorporate into daily life. Besides maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, it is also a promising source of copper. Copper maintains healthy blood pressure levels, immune system, and strong bones. 

Final Words: 

Now that you know the nutritional value and benefits of the best heart-healthy nuts and seeds, you can incorporate them into your diet and be a step closer to a super healthy lifestyle. Besides protecting the heart from various risks, the nutrients in nuts and seeds are beneficial for health in innumerable ways. As a result, you can treasure various health benefits, from glowing skin and healthy hair to bone strengthening! 

Just in case you are going nuts figuring out the right snacking option for a healthy heart, we suggest you go NUTS AND SEEDS!

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