Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder

Alpha-lipoic acid is an organosulfur compound derived from caprylic acid. Produced in the body, ALA is an anti-oxidant. You can get ALA from food like yeast, broccoli, potatoes, peas, and spinach. It is soluble in water as well as fat. ALA is responsible for aerobic metabolism in the body. It caters to important body functions, even at the cellular level.

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  • 1. What is appearance of the Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder?

    The alpha-lipoic acid powder is slightly yellow in colour, featuring a crystalline texture.

  • 2. What is the acceptable moisture content in the Alpha lipoic acid powder which is provided?
  • 3. What Is Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder?
  • 4. How is the assay of Alpha lipoic acid powder determined?

    The assay of Alpha-lipoic acid powder is determined by the test method HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography).

  • 5. Is E. coli & Salmonella present in the Alpha lipoic acid powder?

    No, E. coli & salmonella are not present in this product.

  • 6. What are heavy metals considered for qualifying this Alpha lipoic acid powder? Why?

    We test our products for the presence of heavy metals including cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and lead as these are known as carcinogens and considered harmful for human consumption beyond certain limits. We also make sure our products abide by California prop 65 regulations for lead content below 0.5 ppm levels.

  • 7. What is the mesh size of Alpha lipoic acid powder?

    We provide the mesh size between 40 -100 mesh.

  • 8. What does the Ash value in Alpha lipoic acid powder represents?

    Ash value is the residue remaining after the incineration of the drug or plant part. It represents the number of inorganic salts naturally occurring in the ingredient and adhering to it. Ash value greater than 1% is an indicator of the addition of inorganic metal salts in the product.

  • 9. How is Alpha lipoic acid powder qualified on basis of microbial parameters?

    We make sure the microbial parameters in our products abide by the microbial limits charted out by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). Our products are tested for total plate count (TPC), E. Coli & Salmonella, and yeast and mold.

  • 10. Is Alpha lipoic acid powder safe for consumption?

    We get our product tested on microbial parameters and heavy metal parameters and all fall within a suitable limit. Hence, the Alpha lipoic acid powder which we provide is safe for human consumption.