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Summer Snacking- Best 6 Summer Dry Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

Summers are known for their exquisite range of seasonal fruits and the super-fun vacation. There is a lot about summers that deserves a merry welcome. Yet, the health does not feel right to make the most out of the fun season. Dehydration, dull skin, dandruff, upset stomach and whatnot! However, a watchful diet can fix it all for you. 

Should we eat dry fruits, seeds & nuts during summers? 

The ultimate summer trick to staying healthy is to snack on nutrient-dense food. Nuts, seeds & dry fruits are rich in nutrients that ensure faster recovery from fatigue, good digestive health, and better energy levels. 

Nutritious Dry Fruits, Seeds & Nuts That Can be Our Saviours During the Summers 

We are often good with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it is the mid-meal snacking that messes it all up! Does this statement resonate with you? Then, we have got you a few summer-friendly snacking options that can work wonders for your health. Run through the below summer-snacking options before it gets hotter! 

1. Chia seeds: 

What’s the toughest part of the summer? An upset stomach will be the most common answer! The summer heat often slows down the metabolism and affects the digestive system. However, chia seeds can be the best cool-aid for you during the summer. You can add these seeds to your mint lemonade and fruit salads. These seeds are superfoods rich in dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Besides enhancing digestive health, these seeds add a crunchy taste too! 

2. Soaked Green Raisins

Summers often bring the energy levels of the body down. However, green raisins are known to be great energy boosters. Above all, soaking them overnight empowers the nutritional profile reasonably. You can have soaked green raisins in the summer morning or add them to a bowl of yoghurt too. It can provide you with good energy and a healthy gut. 

3. Dried Blueberries: 

Summers are all about seasonal fruits and berries. One of the best summer fruits is blueberries. However, dried blueberries have a rich nutritional profile that benefits heart health, the nervous system, and the body’s metabolism. It is a storehouse of essential vitamins and body that enhance skin and hair health. Let this summer be more nutritional than ever with dried blueberries.   

4. Soaked almonds: 

While almonds can be an all-time diet-friendly food, it is recommended to have soaked almonds during summers for better assimilation and absorption. The nutrient-dense nuts are known to be the perfect summer food. You can have them in soaked form or make delicious almond shakes to beat the summer heat. 

5. Roasted pumpkin seeds: 

Pumpkin seeds are known to be the best snacking option of all times. But did you know how pumpkin seeds can make your summers super healthy and fun? These nutrient-packed superfoods are great toppings for salads and soups but are often preferred in roasted form. It enhances gut health and has anti-oxidating properties that boost cellular reparations. It is a great option to incorporate into summer diets. 

6. Flaxseeds: 

The harsh heat of summer can snatch the quality of your hair. It is imperative to add a firm source of Vitamin E to the diet to maintain glowing skin and shiny hair. Flaxseeds are rich in Vitamin E and have a mammoth contribution to the body’s overall well-being during summers. It relieves the skin from clogged pores and prevents dandruff. Bid farewell to the summer abnormalities with a handful of flaxseeds. 

The Bottom line: 

Summers can be fun when you are watchful of your diet. A youthful skin, a shiny lock, and a happy mind are virtues of a summer-friendly diet. And these nuts, seeds & dry fruits for summers are known to enhance health in every possible way during summers. So, incorporate these superfoods into your summer diet and enjoy a healthy summer body. We have got this! 

 Fire can’t catch a wet paper, and summers can’t catch a well-hydrated body! 

Hence, do not forget to gulp enough water with these nutrient-dense dry fruits, seeds & nuts. 

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