Beet Root Extract Powder 4:1

Jeeva Organics, your trusted partner in high-performance botanical extracts, introduces Beet Root Extract Powder 4:1. This concentrated extract captures the essence of beetroot (Beta vulgaris) at a 4 times stronger concentration compared to raw beetroot powder. Packed with a significantly amplified presence of valuable bioactive compounds, it empowers the development of innovative products for a range of B2B applications.

Beetroot, a vibrant root vegetable, is more than just a colorful addition to your plate. It boasts a wealth of potential health benefits attributed to its key components, including betalains (responsible for its color) and nitrates. Jeeva Organics’ Beet Root Extract Powder 4:1 offers a powerful tool for product development due to its 4x concentrated level of these valuable compounds compared to raw beetroot powder.

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