Cardamom Powder

Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum
Forms Available: Hulled seed, Powder

Jeeva Organics, your trusted partner in premium and functional botanical ingredients, introduces Cardamom Powder. This aromatic spice, sourced from the seeds of Elettaria cardamomum, offers a captivating flavor profile and a range of potential functional benefits. By incorporating Cardamom Powder into your formulations, you can empower the development of innovative products for a range of B2B applications.

Cardamom, a ubiquitous ingredient in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, boasts a rich history of medicinal use in various cultures. Its unique profile of volatile oils, including cineole and limonene, is responsible for its distinctive aroma and potential health benefits. Jeeva Organics’ Cardamom Powder offers a versatile and readily usable form of this treasured spice, catering to diverse B2B needs.

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