Green Papaya Powder

Botanical Name: Carica papaya
Forms Available: Dried leaf, Leaf Powder, juice powder

Papaya is delicious and filled with enormous nutrients. Green papayas have a higher potassium level than ripe papayas. Hence it promotes ion exchange within the body cells. In addition, it contains a higher amount of papain (a digestive enzyme) compared to ripe papaya.
It is helpful for people suffering from pancreatic or digestive problems as it is rich in papain (digestive protein enzyme). It is also a natural laxative and gives relief from constipation. It is also useful against infection caused by E.Coli bacteria and relieves urinary tract infections. It promotes metabolism and helps fight free radicals in the body. It helps improve lactation in pregnant mothers.
Papaya powder helps to give relief from menstrual pain in many females. It is also helpful in the regulation of proper cycles. In addition, it is good for our heart health as it helps convert homocysteine present in our blood into amino acids.

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