Black Ginger Extract Powder 10:1

Jeeva Organics, your trusted partner in innovative botanical extracts, introduces Black Ginger Extract Powder 10:1. This potent and standardized extract harnesses the unique properties of black ginger (Zingiber officinale), offering a 10 times concentrated source of its valuable bioactive compounds compared to raw black ginger. By incorporating Black Ginger Extract Powder 10:1 into your formulations, you can empower the development of innovative products for a range of B2B applications.

Black ginger, a close relative of the common ginger root, boasts a distinct appearance and a treasure trove of potential health benefits. Unlike its pale counterpart, black ginger undergoes a unique fermentation process that enhances its bioactive profile. Jeeva Organics’ Black Ginger Extract Powder 10:1 offers a powerful tool for product development due to its significantly higher concentration of these valuable compounds.

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