Fenugreek Extract Powder 60% Saponins

Jeeva Organics, your one-stop shop for premium and functional botanical ingredients, introduces Fenugreek Extract Powder 60% Saponins. This concentrated extract offers a standardized and potent source of the valuable bioactive compounds found in fenugreek seeds (Trigonella foenum-graecum). By incorporating this versatile extract into your formulations, you can empower the development of innovative products for a range of B2B applications.

Fenugreek, a familiar ingredient in global cuisines, boasts a rich history of medicinal use in various cultures. Its unique profile of steroidal saponins, particularly fenugreekine, is responsible for its potential health benefits. Our Fenugreek Extract Powder, 60% Saponins, guarantees a consistent and concentrated source of these valuable compounds, offering a powerful tool for product development.

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