10 Surprising Ways You Can Use Watermelon Seeds In your Favourite Recipes

The nutrient-dense watermelon seeds are rich source of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibre. In addition to promoting healthy digestion, they also flush out toxins from the body. The numerous watermelon seeds benefits are heads up for the health enthusiasts to start incorporating these nutrient-dense seeds into their diet. Are you wondering how to use them? Stay tuned to find that out!

10 Watermelon Seeds Recipes:

The crunchy and nutty watermelon seeds are the healthiest add-ons to meals. Watermelon seed uses in Indian recipes are dominant as the nutty flavour makes the dishes way richer and more flavourful. From toppings to snacking options, watermelon seeds can be used in numerous ways. However, we have got you a few popular watermelon seed recipes that you cannot stop falling for!

1. Watermelon and chia salad:

When the hot summer is freaking you out, snack on something refreshing like watermelon and chia seeds. Dress 4-5 scoops of watermelon, half a tablespoon of pink salt, black pepper powder, a tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of soaked chia seeds, some mint leaves, and a tablespoon of watermelon seeds on a plate. You get a fair amount of crunch in your salad! Above all, you are indulging in a highly nutritious salad.

2. Watermelon seed energy bar:

If you have a major sweet tooth, the watermelon energy bar can satiate that constant urge of gulping on sweet dishes. Dry roast the watermelon seeds for 2 minutes, prepare a jaggery syrup in boiling water, and slice coconuts. Add your roasted watermelon seeds, sliced coconut, and jaggery syrup to your cooking pan. Cook them well, set them at room temperature and finally refrigerate them! Your energy bars are ready!

3. Eggs and watermelon seed curry:

Besides the luscious egg curry, you can use your premium watermelon seeds for many other Indian recipes. Add the watermelon seeds paste to the other spices sautéed in oil and let it cook well. The rich taste of watermelon seeds will spice up your egg curry and the mouth-watering taste will mesmerise you.

4. Smoothie bowls:

When the heat of summer seems to get into your nerves, have a bowl of smoothies! Thick and refreshing smoothie bowls are the perfect summer morning breakfast. To prepare it, add a cup full of berries, a small decently ripe banana, a cup of oatmeal, a scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder as per your preference, and a cup of milk (dairy or almond) to the blender and grind it to achieve a thick paste. Serve it in your bowl and top it up with a tablespoon of unsweetened coconut, a tablespoon of soaked chia seeds, some dry fruits, a tablespoon of watermelon seeds, and some fruits of your choice!

5. Ghee-roasted watermelon seeds:

Roasted watermelon seeds are known to be crunchy snacks for health enthusiasts. But these are unflavoured ones! If you want to spice it up with an aromatic flavour, roast them using a tablespoon of ghee and the spice of your choice! Add pink salt to taste and they are all set to snack on!

6. Watermelon Mojito:

Watermelon seeds can fairly complement your cool watermelon mojito! Add muddled pieces of watermelon, and mint leaves to the base of the serving glass. Add some lime juice, soda, ice salt, and sugar to the glass and fill that up. Top it up with a fresh mint leaf and roasted watermelon seeds for garnishing!

7. Milk fudge:

Milk fudge is a popular dessert recipe! Add watermelon seeds to your milk fudge to introduce a bit of crunch to the toothsome bite-size dessert. Top your milk fudges with dry fruits and watermelon seeds to get that toothy crunch!

8. Cakes:

Watermelon seeds can be the best toppings while baking cakes. Roast the watermelon seeds and mix them with a handful of dried fruits. Set your cake batter in a container and sprinkle the dried fruits and watermelon on the top! Bake you cake and enjoy it!

9. Trails:

Trails are great appetisers! They keep you full and active till your next meal. Mix dried fruits, nuts, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and oatmeal to prepare your ready-to-snack trails.

10. Milkshakes:

We all need a tad bit of crunch in the milkshakes. Mix the ground watermelon seeds with a handful of nuts and raisins. Add it to your milkshake and make it more refreshing than ever!  


Bottom Line:

The rich taste of watermelon finds space in almost all the dishes, sweet or savoury. However, the taste is not all that they are famous for! Watermelon seeds are known for their exceptional nutritional profile! Therefore, you can add them guilt-freely to your dishes. Here is hoping that you enjoyed the watermelon seeds recipes! Let us know which one of the above dishes will you try in the comment section below!

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